The Metis Tracker

Hidden inside your caravan is the Metis GPS tracker, constantly monitoring your caravans position, alarm system and leisure battery.
As soon as anyone trys to move your van, disconnects the battery or sets off your alarm* you and up to 4 other people will be instantly contacted by SMS Text message to mobile phone or land line telephone.
The Metis Tracker responds instantly to SMS text messages, ask it how it is, or where it is any time day or night for piece of mind that your tracker is active and still protecting your property all for cost of a SMS Text message.
Factory Fitted as Standard to 2009 Fleetwood Heritage range of Caravans
Factory Fitted into the Entire 2009 Fleetwood Heritage range
Sold Secure GOLD

The Metis Tracker has been approved to the highest tracking Sold Secure GOLD standard.
An internal battery will keep operating the Tracker even if a thief disconnects your leisure battery. Only the very minimum of power is taken from your van to keep the Tracker powered, allowing over 6 months operation from a 80Ah battery.
All this for a one off purchase price. There are no other costs other than keeping the pay as you go SIM inside your tracker in credit.
NO annual subscription charge, No cost to use the tracking website. You are in control!

We no longer sell this product.

The modem used in the tracker is no longer in production. Ongoing sales did not justify developing a new tracker based on a new modem, so we have decided to discontinue this product.

We will continue to maintain the website and offer existing customers a repair service.

If you have any questions or require technical support please contact your local distributor or send us a Message.


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