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Initial Setup Procedure  52

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Online SIM Credit checking. 156

HEALTH Command. 170

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Motion Alarm Status. 181

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SIM Credit  334

How to Top up your SIM card. 339

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GPS Alert Setup and Configuration


Before operation the GPS Alert requires setup and Configuration.  The setup and configuration information contains your contact telephone numbers and custom alarm messages to send to you in the event of an unauthorised movement or alarm activation. 


Before the GPS Alert can be configured for the first time:…


Register the SIM card, check avalible credit and top up if required.


To register the SIM please follow instructions supplied by the Mobile Phone network provider, it is your responsibility to ensure that there is enough credit in your pay as you go account to ensure the GPS Alert can send you SMS messages and connect to the Internet by GPRS for real time tracking.


Fully charge the internal battery of the tracker by leaving connected to leasure battery for at lest 24 hours.



Initial Setup Procedure


It is essential to know that your GPS Alert is configured and operating correctly. Please follow this initial set-up procedure.


Step 1.  Test the GPS Alert Hardware


There is no external indication of power or operation on the GPS Alert, in fact it should be in a hidden location that is difficult to reach and hard to find within your Caravan.

All communication with the GPS Alert is made using SMS Text messaging.


To test the GPS Alert is powered on and running, you will need to send it a SMS text message “Health”.  Send this message to the SIM number provided with your GPS Alert.  If you have not previously configured the GPS Alert it will respond to you with an SMS Text message saying “GPS Alert Needs Configuration”.


If you do not receive this message please verify the following:


1) The GPS Alert SIM card is active and you have credit available.

2) The GPS Alert has power and has been charged for at lest 24 Hours.

3) You have a Mobile phone signal for the GPS Alert SIM Service provider.











Receiving a response from the “Health” Text Command ensures that the GPS Alert is powered on, has a good GSM/GPRS connection and also has GPS Satellite lock.








Step 2. GPS Alert configuration



Using an Internet browser go to the website or connect through the configure link at


This website will allow you to configure your GPS Alert settings and messages.  These setting are saved on the Internet, and will be downloaded by your GPS Alert.


2) SIM keep

    Alive days

(number between 1 and 180)



3) Alarm Message to send when your caravan starts to move

(up to 79 characters)


4) Alarm Message to send when your caravan Alarm is activated

(up to 79 characters)


1) The number of the SIM card        installed in your GPS Alert (example 07790123123)


5) Up to 5 Contact numbers to be notified of an Alarm




1) The telephone number of the SIM card supplied with your GPS Alert. This number is used to send and receive text messages to your GPS Alert, and used with the online tracking website.


2) To keep the SIM card active it must make at least one text message every 180 days.  To achieve this the GPS Alert will send you an SMS Health message at midday after a configurable number of days.  You may wish this to be each week, each month or any other number of days. Enter a number between 1 and 180.


3) Custom Alarm message to send when your Caravan starts to move and the GPS Alert is armed.


4) Custom Alarm message to send when your Caravan Alarm is activated.


Both alarm messages can contain numbers, characters (excluding commas) or symbols up to a total of 79 characters in length. Any commas entered in this field will be converted into full stops.


5) Contact telephone numbers to send alarm messages to.  These can be mobile or landline numbers.  The Owner / Contact Number #1 will receive the SIM keep alive health messages.



Please note: All messages sent by your GPS Alert will cost one standard network SMS text message rate, check with your network provider for the exact cost.

Step 3. Uploading the Configuration to your GPS Alert


6) Upon completion of your configuration information press the button “Press here to Configure your GPS Alert Tracker” at the bottom of the page.  This will save encrypted configuration information on the Internet and in a Cookie on your local PC.


6) Press here when configuration details complete 





7) A message will appear asking you to send a text message to YOUR GPS Alert SIM number.   This will inform your GPS Alert to log onto the Internet and download the configuration information.



7) Text “setup“ to YOUR GPS Alert SIM number to complete configuration




8) For security it is advisable to set a PIN number







You can re-configure your GPS Alert any time by repeating this configuration process.


8) For additional security it is advisable to set a PIN number in your GPS Alert to lock the configuration.  This can be achieved by setting a PIN number in your GPS Alert.  Once set the GPS Alert cannot be re-configured without using the correct PIN number. 


Please see the SMS “PIN=” command for more information on how to set your PIN


9) When the GPS Alert has downloaded the configuration it will send the owner contact number (Owner / Contact Number #1) an SMS message stating “GPS Alert Configuration complete”.




















Step 4. Verify GPS Alert configuration


Send your GPS Alert another “Health” request message, it will respond with information about its status.  The “Health” message is explained in more detail in the Health Message Command section.





























Now your GPS Alert is configured, and armed ready to send you a message if movement over 5 miles per hour is detected.


GPS Alert SMS Commands


You communicate with your GPS Alert using a set of English SMS Text Messages. Using these commands you can check the status of the GPS Alert, its location, arm and disarm alarm messages and enable or disable real time tracking. The GPS Alert will accept commands in mixed case. 


Please note. Each SMS message sent by your GPS Alert will cost one standard network SMS text message rate, check with your network provider for the exact cost.



ARM and DISARM Command




The GPS Alert external Alarm input is constantly enabled; the motion alarm can be enabled or disabled using the “Arm” and “Disarm” commands.  If the caravan moves more than the trigger speed then a motion alarm will be triggered and all the contacts configured within the GPS Alert will receive the movement alarm message.


                                                                By default on first power up the GPS Alert motion alarm is armed.


To arm the GPS Alert motion alarm, send an SMS text message “Arm”, and to disarm send an SMS text message “Disarm”.  












The “Arm” and “Disarm” commands will not generate a response from your GPS Alert.  This is by design to reduce the SMS message cost using your SIM credit.

You can verify the state of the motion alarm at any time using the “Health” Command.




CREDIT Command


The Virgin mobile SIM allows you to check the credit left on your “Pay As You Go” account up to 5 times a day using the SMS “Credit” command.  The Command will return the actual amount of credit left on your SIM card.


Note checking the credit on your account will cost you one standard rate SMS text message.



























Online SIM Credit checking


Most mobile network providers pay as you go accounts allow you to verify your remaining credit on-line.  At any time you can check the credit left on your SIM using the Virgin mobile website.





























For more information on registering your SIM and verifying your credit on line please refer to the Mobile Phone network providers information pack.






The GPS Alert will also check the Balance on your SIM automaticly (up to 5 times a day) after each text message its sends to you. If the balance falls below £1 then you will be sent a message telling you to top up your SIM credit.



HEALTH Command


The Health command is used to check the GSM/GPRS signal strength and Alarm status of the GPS Alert. Text the word “Health” to your GPS Alert, and it will respond with the following message.

























GSM Signal Strength

GSM Signal = Medium.                       This is an indication of the strength of the GSM Network as received by your GPS Alert Tracker.  Range is Low, Medium, Good and Very Good.

Alarm Status

Alarm Inactive.                                      Indicates the status of the external alarm connection (Yellow wire).  The result will either be Inactive or Active.

Power Indication

On External Power.                             Indicates how the GPS Alert is being powered.  This will be either “On External Power” or “On Battery”.  While running on External Power the internal Lithium battery is being charged.

Motion Alarm Status

Motion Alarm enabled.                       Indicates the state of the motion sensor.  This will either be Enabled or Disabled.

Trigger Speed

Trigger speed 5 mph.                         This is the speed that must be reached to trigger a movement alarm.

Tracking Status

Tracking is ON.                                    Indicates the state of real time Internet Tracking. Will be either “Tracking is ON” or “Tracking is OFF”.

GPS Status

GPS: Moving!                                        Reports the status of your GPS Alert motion, Moving/Not Moving or No Valid GPS.

GPS Satellites

Locked on to 9 Satellites                   Reports the number of Satellites the GPS module is using for positional information.





LOCATE Command


To find the real-time current location of your GPS Alert, send an SMS text “Locate”.  You will receive an SMS message back containing the GPS Latitude and Longitude positions along with the Heading and Speed of the GPS Alert and the distance from the nearest Postcode centre, Town and County.  A “Locate” event will also appear on your Tracker Event History website (See Tracking Website section for details).



GPS Alert location information. 















Once located you can enter the Latitude and Longitude data into a personal navigation system, or you can use the Metis Products Tracking website (See Tracking Website section for details).



Please Note. If the GPS Alert is unable to get a GPS signal you will receive an SMS message stating “No GPS Signal”. If this happens try again in a few minutes.




PIN Command


For security you can set a 4 digit PIN (Personal Identification Number).  For example, to set your PIN to 1234 send an SMS Text “PIN=1234” to your GPS Alert.  The GPS Alert will respond with an SMS message as displayed below.  A PIN Changed event will also appear on your Tracker Event History website (See Tracking Website section for details).


Once a PIN has been set, every command will have to start with the PIN followed by a comma, and any attempt to reconfigure the GPS Alert will result in the Owner being informed by text that configuration is not possible due to PIN lockout.


Send an SMS Text “Health” to your GPS Alert to obtain the GSM Signal strength and Alarm Status.  The GPS Alert will respond with its status.  Now Text “PIN=1234” to your GPS Alert. This will set the PIN to 1234.  Now re-send the SMS Text “Health”, the GPS Alert will respond with a message “Incorrect PIN!” To request a health message you will need to send the PIN number with the health message. Send an SMS Text “1234,Health” to request the GPS Alert Status.


To disable the PIN you will need to set the PIN number back to 0000.  To do this text “1234,PIN=0000” (where 1234 is the actual PIN Number you have set). The GPS Alert will respond with an SMS message stating, “PIN code has been disabled”.  A PIN Changed event will also appear on your Tracker Event History website.



WARNING: The PIN number is set within the non-volatile memory of the GPS Alert, once set if you forget the number the unit must be sent back to the factory to be reset.  Always keep your PIN number secure and ensure it is a number you will not forget.











When Tracking is ON the GPS Alert Tracker will attempt to update its postion once a minute, depending on the Mobile Phone signal strength, and Internet response time.  When the GPS Alert is in a bad signal area, it will constanly try to reconnect and update its location as soon as it has a signal.


Real time Tracking will cost between 1p and 2p a minute from your GPS SIM acount.



To enable tracking, send an SMS Text “Tracking on”, the GPS Alert will respond with an SMS message stating “Tracking is ON Internet will be updated every minute with new GPS location”.  Please note that the movement alarm is disabled during tracking so you will not receive SMS alarm messages if the Caravan starts to move.


To disable tracking, send an SMS Text “Tracking off”, the GPS Alert will respond with an SMS message stating “Tracking is OFF”.



Additional GPS Alarm messages


Power Disconnected Alarm


If the Leisure battery is disconnected from the GPS Alert the “Owner / Contact #1” will instantly receive a SMS text message warning “GPS Alert Main Power has been disconnected”. 


This message may be the result of someone disconnecting the battery from the Caravan, or the leisure battery discharging.

















Low Battery Alarm




Depending on use, the internal lithium battery in the GPS alert will keep the Tracker powered on long enough to track or locate it even if the leisure battery is disconnected.  When the internal battery is almost exhausted the GPS Alert will send a SMS text message warning “GPS Alert battery running low, powering off soon”.  At this time the GPS Alert will attempt to post its current location on the website.




Tracking Website


The Metis Products tracking website can be accessed through or by following the link from This website is free to use and will allow you to view your GPS Alerts location using the SIM number supplied with the tracker.


Real Time Tracking

The location information used by the tracking website is real time. It is updated approximately every minute while Tracking is enabled (depending on GPS Alert signal strength), or whenever you send the GPS Alert a “Locate” command.  It will show you a graphical view of where your GPS Alert is currently located.


1) The first time you start the tracking website you will be asked to enter the SIM number of your Alert.



1) Enter the SIM number of your GPS Alert


3) Click Show Map


2) Enter your PIN Number, if applicable





2) If you have set a PIN, as recommended, enter this in the box provided or enter “0000” if you have not yet set a PIN number.


If you enter an incorrect PIN number you will be unable to access your GPS Alert information on the website.


3) Click Show Map.  If the SIM number and PIN are accepted the website will display the current location of your GPS alert, and the SIM and PIN numbers will be stored as COOKIES on your PC.


Time stamp


Current Location



The  icon shows the current position of the GPS Alert and the direction it is heading. Direction is indicated either by an arrow or a black caravan if stationary (as shown). The Time stamp indicates when the GPS Alert last updated the location information.


When tracking is ON, the map will be updated once a minuite (depending on the GPS Alerts mobile phone signal, and internet speed).


To Update to the current position send the SMS text command “locate”.



Tracker Event History

The Tracker Event History link gives a historical view of your tracker.  It lists tracking information every minute, if tracking is switched on, plus various SMS messages and commands sent to or from your GPS Alert will also be listed, such as Locate, Movement Alarm, and No GPS Signal.  Each event has a time stamp. In addition, each tracking event has a map reference, GPS satellite lock indication, heading, speed and a Show button with directional icon.


SMS command or tracking result


1) Click Show to see map


GPRS Satellite Lock Indication


Movement Alarm triggered



1) To see a graphical view for any tracking event just click the Show button alongside that event








2) Move the scroll bar up and down to move in and out of the map and you can see the movement history of your GSP Alert.







3) You can navigate around the map by either clicking on the navigation arrows or pressing and holding the right mouse button.


3) Click arrows to move map up and down


Movement history of your GPS Alert




Movement history is generated by having real time tracking on. To turn tracking on use the SMS text command “tracking on”.  While tracking is enabled your GPS Alert SIM card will be charged on average 1p per minute.


The GPS alert is unable to check your SIM Account balance while tracking, ensure you have enough credit using the Mobile phone network providers website, and top up your account if required.


4) You can click on any of the icons to see more information about your GPS Alert at that time


4) Click icon for more information


5) Click here to return to Event History



5) To return to the list just click on your browser back button or click on the Tracker Event History again.


During tracking you can see the Time and Date, speed and heading of the Caravan.  A “locate” command will show more information using reverse geocode lookup including the nearest Post code centre and county.





6) There is only a limited amount of space to hold your tracking events.  If your event history space runs out your  GPS alert tracker will continue to work normally, however you will lose the older events off the bottom of the list. 

The website indicates how much space you have remaining.


7) Delete tracker history


6) Space remaining



7) You can delete all the events in your tracker even history at any time using the Delete Tracker History button found and the bottom of the list of events.  Once deleted, the tracker history information is lost forever!




Website ICONS


Location Icons


        At any time, a yellow circle indicates the last known location of your GPS Alert.

        The direction of the GPS Alert when moving is indicated by the direction of the arrow.


GPS Alert is currently stationary



GPS Alert was stationary



GPS Alert is currently moving north



GPS Alert was moving north at less than 30mph



GPS Alert was moving north between 30mph and 60mph



GPS Alert was moving north at more than 60mph



Website is unable to retrieve information from your GPS Alert, either because there is no GPS signal or because you have entered an incorrect SIM or PIN number






















GPRS Satellite Lock Indicators


        On your Tracker Event History the number of satellites your GPS Alert is locked onto for each even is indicated by one of the following:



             GPS Alert has locked onto less than 3 satellites so is unable to track current position

             GPS Alert has locked onto 3 or 4 satellites

             GPS Alert has locked onto 5 or 6 satellites

             GPS Alert has locked onto 7 or 8 satellites

             GPS Alert has locked onto 9 or 10 satellites

             GPS Alert has locked onto more than 10 satellites


SIM Credit



The GPS Tracker will check available SIM credit after each SMS message sent (up to 5 times each day).  If your credit falls below £1.00 you will receive a text informing you that the credit is low and you need to top up.


You can also check your credit at any time, provided you haven’t had 5 SMS messages already today, by using the SMS “Credit” command.















How to Top up your SIM card


You have a number of options available to you to top up your SIM card.

Cards Accepted: Virgin Money, Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Maestro, American Express Direct Debit, SoloBy credit or debit card

To start topping up with your credit or debit card, you’ll need to register with your network service provider


·          For Virgin, access

Your Account



·          For Vodafone, login to My Account at



Once you've registered the details of your card, it's quick and easy to top up online.


By E-top up card


Top Up logoElectronic top-up (E top-up) is ideal when you're out and about and you need to top up. Plus its quick and easy too. You can now use your e-top up in over 100,000 retail outlets around the UK, such as:



In fact, you can use it anywhere you see the green top up logo.


When you want to top up, all you need to do is:

1.     Visit a shop displaying the sign above

2.     Say how much you want to top up (between £5 and £100 in £5 increments)

3.     Hand over your E top-up card for swiping

4.    Pay as you normally would, then you're done! Easy.


At an ATM (cashpoint)


If you are a customer of NatWest, RBS, Lloyds TSB, Allied Irish Bank, Nationwide, Co-op and many other providers you can top up at any of their ATMs, and any LINK cash machine. Just put your card in as normal, then select the top-up option instead of cash and follow the on-screen instructions.



Glossary of Terms


SMS        Short Message Service.

SIM         Subscriber Identity Module. The smart card used in digital phones. It carries the user's identity for accessing the network and receiving calls and SMS messages.

PIN         Personal Identification Number.

GPS      Global Positioning System. A global system of satellite navigation that uses signals from satellites to identify the position of the GPS receiver on the Earth's surface.

GPRS     General Packet Radio Service. A standard for wireless communications.

GSM       Global System for Mobile Communications.

URL        Unified Resource Location. This is an Internet address for a File or Resource.

Cookie   A small text file stored on your PC with your SIM and PIN so they are automatically entered next time you access the tracking website

WEEE    Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. The WEEE directive aims to both reduce the amount of WEEE being produced and encourage everyone to reuse, recycle and recover it



SMS Command Quick Guide


Please note. All SMS commands are case insensitive so can be entered in upper, lower or mixed case.


“Arm”                      Arms the GPS Alert movement sensor.

“Credit”               Checks the available credit on your SIM card.

“Disarm”               Disarms the GPS Alert movement sensor.

“Health”               Reports on the signal strength of the GPRS Radio signal and alarm status.

“Locate”               Requests a one off current GPS location.

“Pin=”                    Will set a security PIN number. Don’t forget it!

“Tracking on”    Enables a one-minute update of GPS position to the Internet.

“Tracking off” Disables the one-minute update of GPS position to the Internet.